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Renewing Life in The Pesantren of Life


Reflections of the Literacy Convert in Searching for Meaning in Islamic Boarding Schools of Life

 Wahyudin, NS.

Superintendent of PAI Learners and Practitioners of Education and Da'wah

I got insight from a small book entitled "Renew Your Life". The contents are very inspiring giving valuable learning and full muhasabah. Not only that, the most important substance opens insight into life and life so that it leads to a life full of meaning.

Renewing life must continue to be fought for. Ideally always remember that life is temporary. Right now we are still breathing fresh air, enjoying the beauty of the morning, having fun and relaxing with our children and family. Tomorrow or the day after, do we still have a chance to live? Wallahu 'Alam.

On the other hand, renewing life opens up positive energy and opens up our fighting spirit to be more optimistic and to manage life more perfectly and comprehensively. The climax is being able to catch up, incising a brighter tomorrow, prospective and visionary in looking at life. Allah SWT says: O you who believe, fear Allah and let everyone pay attention to what he has done for tomorrow (hereafter); And fear Allah, verily Allah is Aware of what you do.” (QS. Al-Hasyr [59]: 18)

Allah SWT's message is addressed to us, faithful and pious people, to plan superior programs to welcome a more meaningful tomorrow. Because all words and deeds will return to the culprit. Today planted goodness, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow will definitely reap the results.

Shaykh Muhammad Al-Ghazali (1422/12-13) said that it is very beautiful if someone renews his life system from time to time. Attempts to criticize the reality that he encounters, so that he can uncover his shortcomings and then establish short-term and long-term programs to overcome these deficiencies.

What exactly should we update?

First, tajdidul faith means renewing faith. Faith that has been imprinted on the chest must be renewed and updated by self-installing both words, beliefs and deeds that crystallize in the heart and are implemented with actions that are collaborated in the area of ​​social worship.

Second, tajdidul akhlaq means renewing akhlaq. A Muslim can be seen how his behavior and morals. The main standard of human life turns out to be seen from morals. So that we are able to reveal the success of the fairy life of Rasulullah SAW, the spectacular secret turns out to be from his morals.

A brief story is revealed that one day a friend of Rasulullah SAW shared with Siti Aisyah with an intriguing question, how did the Prophet's morals actually work? Aisyah replied that the morals of the Prophet were Khuluqul Qur'an. This dialogue inspires us that the success of the Prophet's da'wah in building civil society turned out to be with morality. Rasulullah SAW is like the walking Al-Qur'an. All the activities of the Prophet were manifestations of the down-to-earth Al-Qur'an and Al-Hadith.

Many examples were inscribed by the Prophet, when a group of Jews brought the funeral procession, the noble Prophet stood to respect them. This is where the morals of the Prophet Muhammad became monumental so that he was respected and appreciated by all stratifications of society at that time. What about our morals? Of course, we must update it every time so that we can practice the example of the Prophet in life.

Third, tajdidul ilmi means renewing knowledge. Every time we all have to try to improve the body of knowledge. Both religious and social sciences. Wise people say: the group that controls the world is the one that controls science and technology. A motivation from Allah SWT from the Qur'an, "O jama'ah jinn and humans, if you are able to penetrate (cross) the corners of the heavens and the earth, then cross it, you cannot penetrate it except by force". (QS. Ar-Rahman [55]: 33).

The verse above opens opportunities as well as challenges for us Muslims to improve our self-quality in the frame of mastery of knowledge so that all life activities are based on knowledge. Worship and work in accordance with the absolute profession with knowledge. Even the existence of science is able to distinguish between qualified people and people who are not qualified. With knowledge one can live in outer space. Masha Allah.

This description is an alternative illustration for renewing life, so that the remaining life that Allah SWT has presented to us all is more meaningful to achieve happiness in life both in this world and in the hereafter.

Wallahu 'Alam.

Dedicated to all of us who always reflect on a more meaningful life.

PMI Public Corporation, 20 July 2023 / 02 Muharram 1445 H.

Wahyu : the Literacy Convert who continues to learn Literacy in Life.

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